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border crossings more than doubled from 2015 to 2016. Last month, 452 people made claims in Quebec compared with 137 in January 2016, the agency said. The influx is straining police, federal government and community resources from the western prairie province of Manitoba, where people arrive frostbitten from hours walking in freezing conditions, to Quebec, where cabs drop asylum seekers off meters away from the Quebec-U.S.border, the border agency said. Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen's office did not respond to a request for comment on Monday. A Reuters reporter on Monday saw RCMP officers take เสื้อทีม in for questioning a family of four - two men, a woman and a baby in a car seat - who had walked across the snowy gully dividing Roxham Road in Champlain, New York, from Chemin Roxham in Hemmingford, Quebec. "Please explain to her that she's in Canada," one Canadian officer told another officer. Police take people crossing the border in for questioning at the border agency's office in Lacolle, Quebec, which is the province's biggest and busiest border crossing.Police identify them and ensure they are not a threat or carrying contraband. They are then transferred to the CBSA for fingerprinting and further questions. If people are deemed a threat or flight risk, they are detained. If not, they can file refugee claims and live in Canada while they wait for a decision "It's touching, and we are not insensitive to that," Bryan Byrne, the RCMP's Champlain Detachment commander, told reporters near the border.

(Kevin Tanaka / Pioneer Press) Alexandra Kukulka Contact Reporter Pioneer Press After 25 years of business, clothing and accessory boutique Fire & Ice in Glenview will close at the end of the month, according to the co-owners. Co-owners Lois Lipkin and Stephanie Wolf announced in early February through social media that the boutique will close Feb. 28. Lipkin, who is more than 65 years old, and Wolf, 42, both said they want to spend more time with their families. "We're going out on top, and it's just time," Wolf said. "Lois wants to enjoy her life with her family and travel, and I'm going to be with my family as well. I have little kids, so I want to enjoy them too." Lipkin said she and a friend opened Fire & Ice, selling only jewelry and accessories or the "fire and ice" that enhances an outfit. Over the years, Lipkin expanded the boutique to include high-end clothing as the business moved to different parts of the North Shore: Teddie Kossof Salon Spa in Northfield, then On Stage Salon and Spa in Glenview, and finally to its current location in Glenview's Carillon Square, she said. Wolf has worked with Lipkin in the boutique since she was 18, and became a co-owner when the business moved to the Carillon Square location 14 years ago, she said. She added that the most time-consuming part of running the boutique has been working with vendors in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles to purchase clothing and accessories, and customer service. The pair said the boutique is known for its workers taking the time to get to know customers.

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I won all four games, for the first time ever. Ive been on a really bad losing streak. I aim to go to bed at 11. Sometimes I dont get to bed before midnight. I journal or I make puzzles. I dont do that too often during the week, but definitely at the weekend. Its a visually relaxing thing that I do. Its a way to hang out and have a conversation with my daughter, and its not as intense as playing a game. Its a carryover habit from my childhood. On how clothes are always part of the conversation at her company: Clothes are always a part of our conversation. Oh, Im wearing the same pair of socks youre wearing! That happens all the time where we work.

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